Hi Laptopkeys.com,
Just wanted to say what an excellent service i've received from you when ordering keys for my sons Alienware laptop. After he broke a key on his laptop on two separate occasions, we'd thought we'd have to resort to an external keyboard. However on both occasions we've received the replacement key in under a week when sent to our address in the UK.
The installation instructions were easy to follow and the quality of the part is indistinguishable from the original.

Thank you for an excellent service and product.

Kind Regards,

Mike D
United Kingdom- Mike D, UK
To whom it may concern.

I have to say I am very impressed with your service, and the website is superb. I am very impressed with how easy it is to navigate, and was very pleased with the drop down menus for laptop types. My keys came in today, and were a perfect fit, thank you for your service. I will certainly keep you in mind if I am ever in need of new keys.

Sincerely Yours
Kris- Kris, USA
Hey, Thank you so much for your fast and reliable service. When I lost the 2 keys to my cats jumping on the keyboard, I was told I would have to replace the whole keyboard, which I wasn't about to do. I found your website and ordered the keys. Thank you so much.- Rick, Canada
Hi Jenniffer, Tanya, & Bruce,

I just wanted to pop you a quick note to say thank you for offering your free video installation guides!!

My cat laid down across the keyboard. When I went to pick her up, she tried to cling to the laptop taking my letter 'A' part way off. Thanks to your link at the top of Google's results, I found just what I needed! Obviously, my key is working once again. It took no time at all, thanks to the detail oriented video.

Thank you!!

Christina- Christina
Hi Jason,

I could not just finish working on this laptop without sending you a *big* Thank You.

I am part of a non-profit group, and developed a program in which I refurbish donated
computers and then give them to families with kids that would otherwise not be able to
afford one of their own. (Komputerz4kidz)

Your service, pricing, and fast shipping has enabled me to finish another laptop which
is destined for a young single mom. If you could have seen the look on her face when
I gave her the laptop... you would be smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

Thanks again, I *will* use you again when the need arises, and I *will* recommend
you to anyone needing your service
- Victor, Ontario, Canada
I cannot thank you enough for your help, speedy response and amazing service. Not only do you supply product and very fast, but you make sure your customer is treated like no other. You were never rude, or impatient you put up with so many of my questions and silly (in my opinion) emails and never once lost hope in a customer! My keys arrived in to the UK today, faster than some of the UK based companies could even deliver or have delivered to me. Your support is EVEN BETTER than the manufacturer themselves, when I asked for help from ACER, they asked me to send the �whole laptop in and a single key could not be fixed, you need to change the keyboard�. I was working on an URGENT dissertation and some very time sensitive not to mention confidential reports, of which if I chose to send back to the manufacturer would have to remove the HDD etc. So much time would have been lost! In summary: Would not hesitate to recommend you to ANYONE, ANYWHERE located in the WORLD!, like I said, thank you again and your whole team are a credit to what companies should be run like! 5 STAR, Speedy response, great customer care, careful and very helpful an example to all Companies Worldwide! End to end a real pleasure, from searching for my key to delivery and fitting myself (using their videos) and I am no tech guy myself, but just clicked and worked! P.S I am now pressing my PRNT SCRN key with no problems at all!! :) Hope to use you guys again for the right reasons, I hope! :)- Ash
Dear laptop key team,

May I take the opportunity to thank you for a fantastic service, the missing key arrived today and it was really easy to fit, mainly because of your videos.

Stunning service that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Great job and keep it up


Andrew Chapman
UK- Andrew Chapman, UK
The key came today and it fit! Thank you so much for your help and time, 2 things that are hard to come by today. I will always purchase my keys from you guys.- J. Newman
Hi, My keys arrived today. Got it installed a while back. Finally it's a relief to type N :). Thank you so much. I guess I might be the first Indian customer of yours :). I just didn't want to purchase a new keyboard. Thanks again! -Dibya New Delhi, India- Dibya
Just wanted you guys to know that the key arrived, and the online instructions did make sense to me. The process took about two minutes (after watching the video), and it is working great.

Thanks a lot, I really didn't want to purchase a new keyboard, and the missing enter key was very annoying.- Jon
Thank you for the outstanding service! Laptopkey.com will be our ONLY laptop key replacement vendor from here on out do to the fast response and excellent customer service.- Joseph
I acidentally pulled a key off my dell inspiron 1720. i have spent hours trying to figure outhow to get it back. then i stubled ob your site THANK YOU SO MUCH. clear video directions and the letter k is back in place!!!!- carolann
I can say about this site only in superlatives. I ordered my replacement key on thursday late evening and on wednesday I found it in my mail box. And now my keyboard is like new. I will recommend this site to everybody. Thank you. - Peter, Slovakia
I cannot thank you, Rachel and Laptopkey.com enough for fixing my computer in a timely and inexpensive manner.

Ever since my space bar key broke, I was frustrated by no space being generated when I'm typing. I pinged Toshiba, who said that they do not warranty keyboards or LCDs. That's lousy on their part, and I may never buy a Toshiba again. Their advice to me was to take it to one of two authorized service centers here in Orlando. I called both and explained what was going on, and their only solution was to replace the whole keyboard. Cost: $600 out of my pocket!

I then looked around the internet and found you guys. I ordered two space bar key kits in case I screwed one up. Very quickly, they arrived by regular mail. I followed the video and figured out how to remove the hinges and then replace everything. Presto, problem solved and it worked! Cost: $12 out of my pocket! No biggee!

Again, thank you very much. I've told my friends about you, so when they have problems, we can fix their machines!- Simon Ramirez
I just wanted to say thank you again for taking a personal interest in sending the replacement key. It arrived on the 10/25/2010, it fit in to place very easily and it was a perfect match. I will be recommending your company to others. Thank you for all your help.- Robert
I found your awesome site yesterday when I'd been cleaning some collected fur/dust from under a few keys that weren't working & broke them. I thought I was going to have to buy a new computer when I found your site. Your videos made it so simple to replace the brackets & keys I (who have NO technical abilities) was able to fix all the plastic mounts which'd come apart. I'm not only going to use you for parts,etc in the future I'm telling all my email contacts about you. Thanks for saving me & my computer!- Maralee
Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service. After having offers from several dealers in Bulgaria to get the entire keyboard replaced - they tried to convince me this was the only possible solution - I found your site, ordered the key and, everithing went just fine. Thenk you again!- Vladamir
Brilliant Service. Thanks! Combination of quick delivery and clear instructions on the web site meant keys replaced with total success. Highly delighted!- John Baily
Everything worked out great! Key works like new, until my kids break them again. Will be a repeat customer, and will fwd your business to friends/family/co-workers. Thanks again!- Bill
Just wanted to send my thanks, guys! My keys arrived today, and boy, that didn't take long! (Very quick, in fact :) I ordered from the Philippines expecting it to take weeks, but here they are! My old Thinkpad's now working like a champ again. Great job!- Ralph, Philippines
I am SO glad I found your website link on a YouTube video! I ordered the replacement hinge I needed, watched the tutorial and replaced the hinge and key in 5 minutes! Sure beats paying my local Mac Retailer $200 which is what they quoted me to replace the entire keyboard. THANK YOU LaptopKey!- Jen
Hello, I received my replacements keys and hinges in the postal mail yeseterday and installed both successfully using you viedo instructions. Thank you so much for your prompt repsonse to my problem and this very easy solution whihc has now resoted my laptop functionality. I am so very pleased and will bookmark your site in case of any further mishaps. Gratefully- Steven
It was really easy to install the key. Only took a minute. Good videos. Thanks Guys.- Sam, USA
Hi, you recently supplied me with some space-bar hinges, which I couldn't get anywhere in the UK. In fact e-machines said I would need a new keyboad! I fitted the hinges in seconds and as you can see, my spaces are now the equal of any you will find. Many thanks.- Tim, UK
Hi Rachel:
I received my new keys yesterday. I just wanted to thank you, and everyone there. The new keys work great! Your customer service is outstanding. Please feel free to forward this to your supervisor or manager. I would like them to know how great you all are.

Thanks Again- Lisa
Just like that, easy to find the right key, shipping was Great , along with the vide installation guide. 123 got a new M-KEY. Thanks for everything Laptopkey keep up the Great work. RP- Ricky, USA
Many Thanks for completing my order, how refreshing to know there is
still quality service available, albeit from the other side of the world.- Hereford, UK
Just wanted to say thank you ! My L key is back where is should be - which is pretty important given my name is Kelly! Thanks again for getting me the key so quickly and for such a helpful tutorial!- Kelly, UK
Hi just want to say a big thank you, I received my replacement key today and fitted it with no problems. An excellent service. Thanks!- Anna, UK
My two year old recently ripped off about 7 of my laptop keys and I have had the most frustrating time ever trying to get them back on. After searching the web and my friends for information on how to do this I finally came across your website. After three weeks of using/looking at my mangled keyboard, thanks to you, I was able to finally get them back on properly. I am forever indebted to you and your thorough and easy to follow and understand video! I was about ready to throw the loose keys out! Thank you thank you thank you! If I ever actually do have to replace any of the keys, I will absolutely be doing business with you.- Mikera, USA
My rabbit ran across my keyboard and broke my shift key off. After trying for 30 minutes to fix it I found a video on youtube for your site. I came to your site, found my computer and followed along with the video. I fixed my keyboard on the first try by just following the video! Thank you so much!!!- Joyce, USA
I was really impressed by your product and your site. Way to go you serve an awesome purpose. I will definetly recommend you and spread the word.- Niurka, USA
Thanks very much guys. I just received my laptop key here in South Africa. Bravo! Will spread the word. Thanks again- IK, South Africa
Thank you so much, I recently broke the m key off my new laptop, saddened, I looked for one on google, and I found this site, ordered a new key, and now it looks like nothing ever happened! Again, Thank you!- Brandon, USA
Ouaou! Received the key in France in 3 days! Really fast!- Yasha, France
Excellent service, very fast delivery. Thanks.- Andy, UK
Just wanted to drop a line and say THANKS!!! Your awesome install video let me fix a key on a Dell Inspiron 9300! I did not need to purchase a new key, but I am definitely bookmarking this site as a MUST-HAVE!- CPS Hospital, USA
Dear Laptopkey.com I wanted to personally send you an email telling you how much i appreciate your company! You guys have saved me a ton of money by selling individual laptop keys! The next day my key was shipped and was delivered in a very timely fashion! I am going to highly recommend this web site to anyone who needs your services!! You have earned a lifetime customer, thanks again.- Taylor, USA
Simply want to say thank you. Your website is terrific. Ordering a replacement key was easy, delivery was quick and the video installation guide was terrific! Thank you LaptopKey.com for great service!- Liz
Thank you for the fast delivery. Received the key today and fitted it in seconds. I'm happy I found your site as I really didn't really want to buy a whole set of keys. Next time my dog decides to claw my laptop ill be back. Thanks very much!- Karl, USA
Dear Laptopkey.com team, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you very much for your service! I placed an order with you last week and just received the two keys today, in top condition and they fit perfectly. Like many others who have posted testimonials, I was horrified at the idea of replacing the whole keyboard (the rest of it's still good!), which is what all the manufacturers tell you to do! All I can say is, I'm really glad you're out there. Thanks for providing an essential and thoroughly-efficient service! Kind regards,- Marley P, United Kingdom
Great service. Between your website, great Youtube installation video and inexpensive mailing to Canada I am delighted that after two years of missing keys our dell inspiron now running with a full set of keys! Thanks for making it so easy.- David- Moncton, Canada
I wanted to let you guys know what a fantastic service you offer. I broke the bracket under one of my keys when I was removing it from the keyboard and your site enabled me to get a new bracket and key for $5. I'm sure if I had gone through the manufacturer I would have paid a lot more. Your customer service is also top notch. I made a mistake on my original order and I emailed you about it and you guys emailed me back within 10 minutes letting me know my order was updated. My key was shipped on Friday (3/19/10) and I received it today, Tuesday (3/23/10). Great customer service and order processing! I will definitely recommend you to my friends if they ever need a laptop key. Also, as a suggestion, you guys should get a Facebook fan page so people can become fans of your service. Get you some more name recognition. To sum it up, I'm a very happy customer and will do business with you in the future if I ever need another laptop key.- Sean, USA
Great service! Key fit and matched perfectly. Only needed 1 key, and the manufacturer said I had to order the entire board at much greater expense and trouble. Not so. Got the key second day after ordering and followed the online video tutorial with no problem. Thanks.- Rick
Thank you so much for all your help! Your customer service has been off the charts and I will definitely come back to laptopkey.com whenever I need replacement laptop keys.- Mary, United Kingdom
Thanks for the free videos. Somebody spilled a drink om my laptop and I had to remove some keys that were sticking and couldn't figure out how to put them back on. After watching your how to videos, it was a breeze... THANKS!!!- Jeff
Thanks for making this so painless!- Michael, United States
thankyou v much for a great key replacement. Dell wanted me to buy a new keyboard! I would never do that and would have managed with missing keys if I hadnt found your site.- Tom, United Kingdom
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the laptop key, was more than a little worried when our puppy ate one of the keys off my brand new Sony laptop, but the replacement you supplied was perfect. I don't normally send emails out like this but I'm genuinely thrilled with my purchase. Thanks again, I'll definitely recommend you to clients and friends and will be back in touch next time the dog decides he's got a taste for laptop keys!- Michael Lomas, United Kingdom