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At we sell individual laptop key replacement kits.  If you have a broken or missing key on your keyboard, we sell the key and parts to fix your keyboard.  All our parts are original OEM parts from the manufacturor.  When purchasing a replacement laptop key from us, you will receive a key kit: key cap, hinges (Retainer Clips), rubber cup, and a step-by-step video installation guide. We take pride in shipping our orders fast.  Most of our orders are shipped the same day.  

I'm not a technical person, can I install these keys myself? provides our customers with FREE Laptop Keys Video Installation Guides.  Our Step-by-Step videos slowly demonstrate how to install your replacement keys.  With our video guides, we make key replacement simple.

How Can I Find My Laptop Key? :

1. Find the Model #

The model number can usually be found on the bottom of your laptop, LCD monitor or touch pad

2. Use relevant keywords

If you have an IBM T42, enter T42 as your search term.  If no results have come up for your full Model Number IE: DV4-2145dxtry inputting the short version "DV4".  

3. Search results

If the search results is not an exact match, but very similar, feel free to browse the similar keyboard type.  If the keyboard and hinges look the same, it should work just fine.

4. Search for hinges

If you still cannot find your model, we still may be able to fix your laptop keyboard.  If you still have your original keycap, but need the hinges and/or rubber cup, you can view our HINGES ONLY Section.  In this section we sell the Hinges and Rubber cups only.



How do I remove a Laptop Key Cap from my keyboard to view the Hinges Model
How to Unattach your Hinges from the Key Cap when you receive them from us
How to Install Rubber Cup/Spring Mechanism on Laptop Keyboard
How to Install Your Laptop Space Bar Key


Payments that are received by 12:00pm PST, on business days, are generally shipped on the same business day. Payments received on Saturday, Sunday, Federal Holidays, or after 12:00pm PST will ship the following business day.

Customer Service:

We are here to help you!  If you have any questions or concerns, before or after your purchase, we are here to help you.  You can email us on the contact us page.  Most emails are replied to within 1-2 hours.  .  We are available by phone Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm Pacific Time.  We committed to serving our customers and providing service that many have raved about.  See our customer testimonials!  Testimonials.