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Install Rubber Cup/Spring Mechanism on Laptop Keyboard

How to Install the Rubber Cup Spring on Your Laptop Keyboard

If you find that your laptop keyboard key is missing the rubber spring/cup, the key will not function properly. This rubber cup acts as the spring for the key. It allow the key cap to move back up once pressed down.

When you purchase a replacement key kit from , it will include the rubber cup at not extra change. Here is how you install this cup:

You want to center the cup on the membrane of the keyboard key space. Many times there is an actual circle, and simply place this cup in this circle. If you are able to install the rest of the key, while keeping the cup in its place, then go ahead and so that. If you find that the key rubber cups get moved out of place this is the method we suggest. Squeeze a small amount of super glue onto a sheet of paper. Then dip the edge of the rubber cup into the super glue. Then place the rubber cup in its place. Let it dry. You want to have the minimum amount of glue on your cup, just enough to make the cup stick while installing the hinges onto your keyboard. That’s all your done! If you need help installing the hinges, view out Retainer Clips Installation Video Guides HERE.

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